UK thrash metal legends Onslaught are one of the most ferocious, explosive and controversial Metal bands ever to come out of the UK. Releasing three now legendary albums in the 80’s (Power From Hell / The Force / In Search of Sanity) the band marked its path to become a major influence for many metal generations to follow. Since reforming in 2005 the band have performed countless shows in no less than 70 different countries across the globe, earning themselves the reputation as one of the very best live acts in the metal scene today. ‘Onslaught’ also have the enviable kudos of being the first international thrash band to perform in Vietnam and the Lebanon respectively! Five critically acclaimed albums were released between 2007 and 2015 - Killing Peace / Live Damnation / Sounds of Violence / VI / Live at the Slaughterhouse - with millions of streams between them. Onslaught have taken their sound to a whole new level of brutality with the release of the latest opus ‘Generation Antichrist’ in August 2020. The album, successfully charted in the USA, the UK, Europe and Asia. Produced by Grammy Award-winning Engineer Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah / In Flames / Behemoth) Generation Antichrist garnered huge international acclaim, with many renowned rock and metal pundits declaring it the album of the year.

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